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University of Connecticut Resources for a Respectful Workplace

Something's Happening Committee (SHC)

The “Something’s Happening” Committee’s (SHC) overall goal is to advocate for continued efforts and resources that will create and maintain a respectful, civil, ethical, diverse and safe campus community.  This will require educating employees about policies, procedures and resources that currently exist; providing professional development and skill building for both employees and supervisors around communication and civility in the workplace; identifying the personnel and resources that can influence the necessary climate changes; and affecting a commitment from individuals and the institution to be accountable and responsible for a civil and respectful work environment.


Sarah Chipman - Office of Institutional Equity
Veronica Cook-UCPEA
Kimberly Fearney - Office of Audit, Compliance & Ethics
Bruce Gelston - Office of Audit, Compliance & Ethics
Pamela Heath-Johnston - Human Resources
Christopher Henderson - AAUP
Kathleen Holgerson - Women's Center
Leslie Maddocks - CEUI
Vicki Magley - Psychological Sciences
Laura McConnell- AFSCME
Gregory Priest, Public Safety
Doug Racicot, CEUI
Thomas Reid, GEU-UAW
Elizabeth Sullivan - UCPEA
Jocelyn Tedisky, Office of Faculty & Staff Labor Relations

Cara Workman - University Events & Conference Services
Nicholas Yorio - Office of Institutional Equity


This ad hoc committee has been together since mid-winter 2008 and have sponsored/co-sponsored many events & activities.

Please feel free to contact the facilitators of this committee, Kathleen Holgerson or Pam Heath-Johnston to provide them with your ideas and/or suggestions that they will share with the Something's Happening Committee.