Something’s Happening Committee (SHC)

The “Something’s Happening” Committee’s (SHC) overall goal is to advocate for continued efforts and resources that will create and maintain a respectful, civil, ethical, diverse and safe campus community.  This will require educating employees about policies, procedures and resources that currently exist; providing professional development and skill building for both employees and supervisors around communication and civility in the workplace; identifying the personnel and resources that can influence the necessary climate changes; and affecting a commitment from individuals and the institution to be accountable   and responsible for a civil and respectful work environment.


Linda Armstrong, AFSCME
Alison Cutler, Faculty & Staff Labor Relations
Maria-Luz Fernandez, AAUP
Fatma Selampinar, AAUP
Vicki Fry, Human Resources
Amy Gronus, UNITE
Nishelli Ahmed, UCPEA
Fany Hannon, Puerto Rican Cultural Center
Kathleen Holgerson, Women’s Center
Alexa Lindauer, Office of Institutional Equity
Leslie Maddocks, CEUI
Vicki Magley, Psychological Sciences
Nancy Mullaney, Dining Services
Cheryl Papp, CEUI
Rachel Wice, Office of the Provost
Thomas Reid, Graduate Assistant
Cara Workman, University Events & Conference Services
Christopher Renshaw, Public Safety


This ad hoc committee has been together since mid-winter 2008 and have sponsored/co-sponsored many events & activities.

Please feel free to contact the facilitators of this committee, Kathleen Holgerson or Vicki Fry to provide them with your ideas and/or suggestions that they will share with the Something’s Happening Committee.