UConn is one of the nation’s great public universities. It is a place where every employee’s work has meaning and contributes to building this unique institution that is the pride of our state. All of us play an important part in making UConn the best that it can be, whether we work as trades people, front office staff, teachers, researchers, food-service workers, or even the president.

Help us to build at UConn a community that celebrates diversity and promotes civility. The climate of our working environment is important, and we’ve made it a priority to encourage cooperation and mutual respect on all our campuses, among all of our UConn family members.

COVID-19 Message:
As citizens of UConn Nation, we do not discriminate, we do not use a narrative of hate, we are citizens that stand in solidarity with one another. Now is the time for us to be safe, be compassionate and empathetic towards each other, particularly those who have been affected by the COVID-19 virus and be engaged citizens. We would like to remind each and every individual that they are valued and needed in this world. Please see “A Letter to the UConn Community” from various UConn Departments for additional information and resources.

UConn Workplace Climate Survey Results and Recommendations

~ Kindness Mattered Most at UConn for this Graduate!


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