Union Reps and Stewards

Provides support, advocacy and Union contract protection.

AAUP The American Association of University Professionals (Faculty)

Michael Bailey (860) 487-0450


Council 4

American Federation of State, Country and Municipal Employees (Administrative Clerical Unit)

Executive Director

Jody Barr

President Local 562 (Stamford, Waterbury, Torrington and Bethel Ext):

Jennifer Osinowo

President Local 704 (Hartford)

Taffy Womack

President Local 610 (Avery Point)

Timothy Walker

President Local 196 (West Hartford)

Ruby Blackmon

CEUI Connecticut Employee’s Union Independent (Maintenance and Service Unit)

1-800-622-3359 (toll-free)
860- 344-0311

Staff Rep (Storrs/Avery Point):

Tom White
860-343-8716 Ext. 716

Staff Rep (Greater Hartford/Law School):

Russ Morin
860-343-8728 Ext. 728

Staff Rep (Waterbury/Torrington):

Deryl Walker
860-343-8737 Ext. 737

Staff Rep (Stamford):

Gary White
860-343-8701 Ext. 701  

Connecticut Police & Fire Phone: 860- 953-2626 x205

Ronald Scussel

NP-5 Representative:
Stephen Cox

Police Steward:

Mark Hayes

Fire Steward:
Patrick Selburg

Graduate Employee Union (GEU-UAW)
GEU-UAW Local 6950

1734 Storrs Rd.
Storrs, CT 06268

Phone: 617-426-1515

Jordan McMillan

UCPEA The University of Connecticut Professional Employees Association

18 Dog Lane
Storrs, CT 06028 (on-site parking available)
Phone: (860) 487-0850
Monday – Friday 8:30am-4:30pm


Staff Contacts:
Elizabeth Sullivan – (860) 487-0850